Tidbits from the UN drugs commission lobby

UN DRUGS COMMISSION: LOBBY INTERVIEWS Three 2-minutes interviews of key policy-makers, UN officials and NGO representatives Drug policies: what should be changed in priority? Drug policies: are Legal Regulations the solution? Drug policies: what do you foresee for 2030?   FORUM OF CITIZENS ON LEGAL REGULATIONS. Involving broad stakeholders for a comprehensive reform. ACADEMIC Read more about Tidbits from the UN drugs commission lobby[…]

Press release #3 | November 1st, 2018

Press release   Cannabis policies are getting transformed all around the world. Businesses are springing up and, from Thailand to Canada and from Lesotho to France, societies are getting prepared to change their approach and relation with this mighty plant and its multiple applications. However, international regulations on cannabis are still incoherent and outdated, as Read more about Press release #3 | November 1st, 2018[…]

Countries are obliged by Treaties to regulate Cannabis, UN experts say.

You can read the original post on the website of FAAAT in English or in Spanish It is an old line to say that the Drug Conventions forbid legal regulations. In March 2017 in the United Nations headquarters in Vienna, during a Commission on Narcotic Drugs session, we organized series of conferences in which we needed to ask that question Read more about Countries are obliged by Treaties to regulate Cannabis, UN experts say.[…]

International Cannabis Policy Conference, Vienna, 7-9 December 2018 | conference.faaat.net

Press release #1 | September 10th 2018

The international think & do tank FAAAT in organizing an International Cannabis Policy Conference, attached to a major United Nations summit on cannabis and drug policies. All information for journalists can be found on conference.faaat.net/press Background: Hemp (Cannabis sativa L. plant) was banned globally in 1961, without any scientific reasoning. After WWII, the International community Read more about Press release #1 | September 10th 2018[…]