when growth meets sustainability.

FAAAT think & do tank calls for serious and like-minded entrepreneurs to engage in a quality Cannabis business-to-business realm designed to gather companies, products, people and ideas that change the way we think about Cannabis, those that change the way we use Cannabis and its derivatives, and those that make policies.

The International Cannabusiness Awards provides a space to gather people who innovate, create, grow, and want to achieve new levels of success. Entrepreneurs scale their business by collaborating, sharing knowledge, and interacting. The International Cannabusiness Awards provides meeting opportunities with investors, as well as with the policymaking and reform movements.

“Meet entrepreneurs, visionaries, companies, products, people, and ideas that change the way we think about Cannabis, those that change the way we use Cannabis and its derivatives, and those that make policies.”


Where? Austria Center Vienna
Bruno-Kreisky-Platz, 1
1220 Wien (Vienna)
When? Sunday 9th December, 2018

10h30 – 13h00 | Nominee presentations
19h30 – 22h00 | International Cannabusiness Awards Dinner

Who can
  • Diamond, Platinum, Gold & Silver sponsors.
  • Bronze sponsors, provided they pay the dinner entrance fee.
  • Exhibitors, Advertisers, provided they pay the dinner entrance fee.
  • Innovators or starts-up may apply for a scholarship participation (directly apply via the form below)
What are
the topics?

  • Hemp & the City (Sustainable Urban Centres and human settlement)
  • Body & Mind (Food, wellbeing and lifestyle solutions)
  • Health & Uses (Bettering human or animal health, reducing harms & innovating in medicines or delivery devices)
  • Upholding Industry (Sustainable Business Solutions, Practices & Management)
  • Greening Minds (Sustainable regulatory and reform efforts, or innovative information, media & communication).
What can
be won?

  • By all 3 Juries | Sustainable products
  • By all 3 Juries | Sustainable services
  • By all 3 Juries | Sustainable business model, management or company practices


  • Special Expert Jury’s Award | Planet, climate change & biodiversity challenges
  • Special Expert Jury’s Award | Fundamental research & innovation
Who will
All nominee presenters will be selected by 3 quality Juries:

  • Public: all attendees of the International Cannabis Policy Conference,
  • Entrepreneurs: a jury of established business personalities, selected among the Conference sponsors
  • Experts: renown academics, researchers and experts from the Conference committee.


The process to apply

0 Submit your candidature with appropriate details (below)
1 Present your company and products/services in a Plenary room keynote speech, in front of top market players & investors, during the Sunday morning breakfast & Awards Nominee Presentation.
3 The International Cannabusiness Awards Dinner will kick-off, recompensing from three quality juries the most efficient, innovative, sustainable, human and environmentally friendly businesses of the hemp and cannabis industries.




To apply for the Awards & Presentation, please contact us at conf2018 /at/